X-Tech for smart campus to attract investment and innovation

smart campus

A smart campus project in China’s Shunde District is attracting a lot of attention for China Telecom’s local branch, and for Huawei, the partner on a project that demonstrates the real benefits of the 5G era.

The partnership leveraged many of the new technologies to prove that an industrial district can be transformed into an intelligently connected campus, with reduced costs and an agile environment that can attract investment and bolster productivity. We talked to Shunde Kecan Group and China Telecom on this to find out more at Huawei Better World Summit NetX 2025 & X-Tech.

“The main problem with the old information system,” says Wang Zhixuan, Vice President of Shunde Kecan Group was that “the basic modules of the entire operations management system, such as access control and fire control, were independent from each other. There were no connectivity and information sharing between these modules”.

The campus offers a digital office environment, including digital conference technology and artificial intelligence, fostering office modernization. Finally, an Intelligent Operations Centre (IOC) brings all the information together in one visual place and all the information about the campus can be obtained through the IOC. Shunde Kecan Group has plans for further, similar, smart campus projects and the IOC will be a central processor for all campus information.

The innovation capability of the campus is equal to the sum of connectivity, cloud, AI, and computing, and then multiplied by the Nth power of industry applications and is known as X-Tech. China Telecom Shunde Branch aims to build a comprehensive ICT foundation for intelligent connection of everything, continuously introduce applications from industry partners, and help intelligent campus upgrades through convergence and collaboration of five opportunities: connectivity, cloud, AI, computing, and industry applications.

The Shunde Zhichuang Campus is built on the concept of “1 + 3 + X”, says Wei Hongmei, general manager of China Telecom Shunde Branch.

“1” means we stick to one principle of design: Deploying little more capabilities than what are currently required in order to guarantee sustainability.

“3” means three stages of the project: Improving in-campus basic management, optimizing in-campus service management, and enabling business operations.

“X” refers to the numerous domains that need to transform, such as access management, equipment management, asset management, property management service, integration service.

Phase two of the project will see the introduction of vertical applications, big data applications, and “we will infuse AI into production”, says Hongmei.

There is now, according to Hongmei, “zero wait time, zero blind zones, and zero boundaries. This has led to a 30% reduction in the campus’s operating costs”.

Now that we are entering “the new 5G era”, says Zhixuan, “we also hope that a 5G-enabled smart campus platform will directly empower the enterprises in our campus, and ultimately improve their production capabilities”.

In the next few months, we will continue to observe new examples of the 5G era delivering real benefits, investment and innovation. For now, the story of the Shunde smart campus and the partnership between Huawei, China Telecom and Shunde Kecan Group is a solid, real-life example of what is possible.

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