If you want to know what a smart telco looks like, ask TCTS

Mysore Madhusudhan, CEO and Executive Chairman, TCTS

If you want to know what the future telco will look like, you should ask Tata Communications Transformation Services (TCTS) CEO and Executive Chairman, Mysore Madhusudan. In fact we did – and right now he personally sees the ‘smart telco’ as a virtualised one, where intelligence may be migrating to the edge, towards the customer but the management is centralised and simplified.

His personal opinion is backed up by the fact that TCTS interviewed 60 service providers which enabled the company to come up with three pillars that should be the foundation for any service provider aiming to become a ‘smart telco’.

The first is to simplify, which seems incongruous in a world that seems obsessed with becoming more complex but the key is to prioritise what to simplify – and it is not just processes.

The second is to automate, particularly the back-end processes, such as BSS. It is important, again, to prioritise and select which processes to automate.

The third and final pillar is to digitise as much of the operation as possible. If you do not do this then the operation will become uneconomic. Given that a telco’s business is transforming from a high margin business into a low margin one, this streamlining makes complete sense. That said, it is not an easy task.

These three pillars may seem simplistic but Madhusudan puts them into a common-sense context that is compelling viewing for planners, analysts and management looking for insights and experience of where to focus resources to become a smart, future telco.

This video interview is well worth a watch.

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