Smart teams with Uber for employee carpooling in Metro Manila

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Philippines mobile operator Smart Communications said it is doing its part to minimize its carbon footprint and help ease traffic congestion in Metro Manila by setting up a partnership with ride-sharing company Uber to provide rides for Smart employees.

Smart said it has set up pickup points in Quezon City and Paranaque where employees can converge during morning rush hour and share an uberHOP ride to Smart Tower in Makati City. Each uberHOP ride can accommodate up to six passengers.

Once their work shift is over, Smart employees can meet at an uberHOP spot in the office to share a ride going back to Paranaque and Quezon City.

Smart has over 5,000 employees in Metro Manila.

Prior to the launch of the project, Smart conducted a survey among its employees to learn and understand their usual travel routes. The results helped Smart and Uber decide where to set the uberHOP pickup points.

Since November, Smart has also been using Uber for Business as a mode of transport for sales personnel without their own service vehicles. These employees are given an Uber for Business account which is linked to a central payment account where their fares are automatically charged. This means the employees do not need to shell out personal money and ask for reimbursement later.

“Uber is committed to using its ride-sharing and carpooling technology to solve the traffic situation in Metro Manila,” said Uber Philippines general manager Laurence Cua. “Partnering with Smart to run uberHOP routes to help the daily commute of its employees is one more way to getting there.”

Cua added that using the Uber for Business service helps Smart save on the costs of buying brand new vehicles for their business fleets. “This means fewer new cars on the road, which ultimately help reduce traffic congestion.”

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