SmarTone launches NB-IoT property management solution for ICC

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SmarTone and Kai Shing Management Services have jointly launched an NB-IoT smart property management solution at International Commerce Centre (ICC) – the tallest building in Hong Kong.

The solution is based on SmarTone’s ‘SmarTeam’ mobile digitalization platform, and involves integrating and provisioning a grid of NB-IoT-enabled sensors – including water leakage, door, air quality and lighting control – in back-of-house and controlled areas, as well as big data analytics, giving ICC end-to-end digital control and improved effectiveness and efficiency of its property management.

“With the help of NB-IoT sensors and big data analytical technology, [our] team will closely monitor air quality, lighting and temperature levels while maintain them at optimal levels,” said Kai Shing director Patrick Lam. “This system sets a new industry standard in smart and eco-friendly property management in Hong Kong, and would achieve or even exceed the energy-saving target set by the Government for commercial buildings.”

Lam added NB-IoT technology will be adopted in other Kai Shing-managed properties “in the coming months”.

SmarTone CTO Stephen Chau said the operator will continue to invest in developing NB-IoT technologies for commercial applications across different industries, including property management, construction, healthcare, event management and smart city development.

“The commercial applications of NB-IoT technology are limitless. SmarTone will continue to work with strategic partners to explore the application of other emerging technologies to advance digitalization across industries and forge an innovative path for 5G development in Hong Kong.”

In Hong Kong earlier this month, Sino Group and China Mobile Hong Kong signed a MoU to develop NB-IoT infrastructure across Sino Group’s residential and commercial properties with a focus on smart home, smart shopping mall, and smart property management.

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