SmarTone launches smart property solution for hotels and homes

smartone property
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SmarTone has unveiled a new smart property solution for Hong Kong: SmartHotel & SmartHome.

A dedicated team provides consultation on integrating existing property management systems with the solution, allowing users to utilize a variety of self-services, including check-in/out with mobile keys, as well as control of room facilities with the touch of an app.

The solution also allows the instant push of important information or content from a single source to multiple channels simultaneously via a content management system.

SmarTone also provides the mobile, fiber broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity behind the solution.

SmarTone CEO Anna Yip says the operator initiated partnerships with property developers at both the conceptualization and construction stages, and leveraged its mobile connectivity and IoT technology to develop a seamless and flexible end-to-end solution that realizes the operator’s vision of ‘smart property’.

“With the launch of our Innovation Hub last year, we have a dedicated open ecosystem to drive cross-industry collaboration and propel Hong Kong on its smart city journey,” she said.

While the initial PR push is on the hotel/hospitality part of the ‘SmartHotel & SmartHome’ equation, as the name implies, SmarTone will also use the solution to offer smart-home services for residential customers.

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