StarHub receives 5G spectrum rights from Singapore IMDA

StarHub 5G spectrum
Photo by structuressx

StarHub, today received spectrum rights from IMDA to build and operate a state-of-the-art 5G standalone network jointly with M1, and confirmed that the preferred 5G technology partner, subject to final contract, is Nokia for the 5G radio access network. Nokia is also the preferred technology supplier for StarHub’s 5G core and mmWave networks. StarHub is exploring other network elements with vendors including Nokia, Huawei, and ZTE.

As a leading wireless service provider, StarHub will leverage the new 5G technology to enable Singaporean consumers, enterprises and government clients to enjoy faster data speeds, better response times, more secure transmission as well as innovative digital services and new applications such as AR/ VR live feeds anywhere, AI-based solutions like facial recognition services and advanced IoT like robots, drones and autonomous vehicles.

StarHub believes 5G will be a key enabler for the development and management of a Smart Nation strategy, as many future essential services in Singapore will be interconnected to 5G networks from millions of devices and sensors. 5G will also unlock economic benefits and accelerate business transformations, creating better customer experiences and service innovations as well as new jobs and skills in the long run. StarHub is excited about the new services and opportunities to come and will announce more details about its 5G service offering later.

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