StarHub extends deadline for legacy cable network shutdown

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StarHub has announced that its cable network cessation has been extended to 30 September 2019, to cater to the recent spike in demand for fibre services from cable customers. The last day that customers can sign up to migrate to fibre services is 31 August 2019. 

Since StarHub announced cable-to-fibre migration in November 2018, it has assisted hundreds of thousands of customers to migrate successfully from the 25-year-old cable technology to a modern, high-speed, low latency all-fibre communications network, making available a range of promotional offers, including discounted subscriptions, free wireless router and free fibre set-top box rental. StarHub has also introduced new Entertainment Passes, which fibre customers can enjoy. 

StarHub received a surge in applications from customers who decided in the last few days to migrate, resulting in order backlog. In addition, the company is working closely with fibre network operator NetLink Trust to resolve fibre installation delays due to more complex requirements for infrastructure (including ducts, wiring and choked lead-in pipes) to some homes. As such, StarHub extended the cessation of its cable network to help all customers take advantage of the technology migration, rate protection of existing subscriptions and associated promotional offers. 

To allow for decommissioning of the cable network, the last day that cable customers can sign up to migrate to fibre is 31 August 2019. This will enable StarHub and contractors from fibre network operator NetLink Trust to fulfil all orders from customers on time. Customers can continue subscribing to cable services until fibre services are installed for them, or up to 30 September 2019,whichever comes earlier.  

Cable customers migrating to fibre will enjoy rate protection for their existing subscriptions. They will not have to pay more than they do now, and in most cases, they will enjoy further benefits when they choose to take up StarHub’s fibre upgrade offers that bundle broadband and TV services and devices. 

Cable customers can switch to fibre services by contacting StarHub on its dedicated hotline at 1800829-9918 (8am to 9pm daily) or visiting any StarHub Shop (shop locations). Those customers who do not require fibre services with StarHub and would like to end their cable subscriptions can go to any StarHub Shop for assistance.  For more information, customers can visit

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