TechXLR8 Asia: StarHub’s IoT plan to connect cars, buildings and more

starhub IoT
Half a connected vehicle is better than none: StarHub showcases connected cars, buildings and more at TechXLR8 Asia.

The Internet of Things was a hot topic at the recent TechXLR8 Asia event in Singapore, not least because telcos see IoT as a potential new revenue opportunity as they look beyond connecting mere mobile phones and providing enterprises with voice and data connections.

The question is where exactly carriers sit in that value chain, and what kinds of IoT-related services they can offer that add value for the customer.

Singaporean telco StarHub seems to have that question sorted – or at least it has some ideas on how to get started down the IoT path. And they were keen to show off those ideas at their exhibition booth at TechXLR8 Asia.

Disruptive.Asia co-publisher Tony Poulos went on a guided tour of the IoT demos on display. Ronnie Lim, senior business development director at StarHub, highlighted the company’s connected car apps ranging from mesh connectivity and fleet tracking to emergency comms services and chain of custody, as well as logistics apps like connected luggage tags and package delivery tracking.

Meanwhile, Sudir Menon, StarHub’s senior business development director for IoT, explained how StarHub is looking at connected building solutions that focus on green services (i.e. smart meters for more efficient energy and water usage), productivity and security, with the basic objective of giving building managers full visibility of everything going on in the building from a central location.

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