Sterlite Tech and Elitecore – merger for success that offers the complete network package

Sterlite Tech

Elitecore is well known for its complete software stack utilised by network operators around the globe. It was recently acquired by Sterlite Tech, specialist in network infrastructure production and roll-outs. Tony Poulos caught up with Vaibhav Mehta, Senior VP at Sterlite Tech at the Mobile World Congrees to get the inside story.

Sterlite Tech also announced the deployment of the first Smart City Services in India for the Government of Gujarat. Sterlite Tech led the end-to end design, development and management of Gandhinagar city to be the first Wi-Fi Capital City of India with citizen centric smart city services.

The successful deployment enables Gandhinagar with city-wide Wi-Fi connectivity and installation of Smart City subsystems including IP based CCTV surveillance, Smart Lighting, Face Detection, Public Address system, Central Command Centre with Help Desk. A 24×7 Call Centre will address citizens’ complaints and queries. All Smart City Services implemented in Gandhinagar Smart City can be controlled and monitored through the Central Command Centre. This will help the government to offer citizen centric efficient connectivity and innovative services as well as bring transformative changes in the everyday lives of the citizens.

Nikhil Jain, MD – Elitecore, said, “The Smart City Services Project is a benchmark in digital infrastructure and brings smarter living experiences to the citizens of Gandhinagar. We are proud to be associated with Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation in the creation of high-end Smart City infrastructure.”

Sterlite Tech’s strong expertise as a System Integrator with leading government projects has enabled best practices in implementing standard procedures to meet smart city objective. Gandhinagar Smart City Services through urban infrastructure is successfully addressing essential administrative needs of the citizens and empowering them with easy access to transformative information in real-time.

Sterlite Tech’s Elitecore BSS with digital commerce customer management platform has also been nominated for a TM Forum 2017 excellence award.

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