STL brings a new DAWN to next generation OSS/BSS

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As data requirements continue to explode unabated, communications service providers (CSPs) need an agile and scalable delivery model to transform every aspect of their business, making digital reinvention simpler and faster. Technology innovation and deep customer connect are at the core of everything we do.

To this end STL, a global data network solutions company, has introduced a technology framework called DAWN, to help CSPs in the South-East Asia region tap into the potential of Dev-ops, Analytics, Web-scale and Network software.

With this new technology framework, STL is uniquely positioned to meet the dynamic needs of customers in the region by promising to bring digital closer to the CSP’s customers. 

“CSPs the world over are rethinking how to include digital in their business models. Unfortunately, legacy systems and digital do not go very well together. With DAWN, we are making sure that going digital is easier for our customers in the MEA. We have also seen proven reduction in total time to market along with reduced TCO by over 50%” said Anshoo Gaur, CEO, Network Software – STL.

Having several key customers already in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region, STL has reiterated its commitment to bringing cutting edge technology through a comprehensive, industry-leading digital portfolio that can seamlessly integrate into CSPs’ existing systems. DAWN includes:

  • Dev-ops: offering three-speed agile delivery for faster deployment of business critical applications. This means an 80% reduction in time-to-market; a 70% reduction in delivery time and a 50% reduction in troubleshooting.
  • Analytics: offering up to 9 times reduction in query time; 3 times reduction in hardware requirements and common data intelligence with advanced analytics.
  • Web-scale: enabling 50% reduction in hardware TCO with zero downtime upgrade and zero touch deployment and auto-scaling of applications.
  • Network software: enabling next-gen 5G rollouts and IoT monetisation including carrier and enterprise Wi-Fi, digital service enablement, FTTx connectivity, IoT monetisation and next-gen 5G rollout.

“As a company, we are at the crux of digital innovation and we intend to bring the same level of commitment that we put into creating these cutting-edge technologies to this region where we have some of our key customers.” Mr Gaur adds.

With IoT and 5G becoming the new enablers for CSPs to offer innovative and engaging digital services to customers, it is critical that they have the right technology stack. Under these circumstances, moving away from legacy infrastructure and partnering with technology providers can be the key factors determining business growth. With technology frameworks like DAWN offering unlimited scalability, agility and accelerating time-to-market for new services, innovation becomes much easier for CSPs in the region.

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