Sydney trains to adopt SafeZone on smartphones to enhance staff safety

An employee in the Sydney Trains Control Centre uses SafeZone to help monitor the safety and wellbeing of their staff and passengers. Photo courtesy CriticalArc

​​​Staff safety and customer service will be boosted across Sydney’s rail network with the deployment and launch of SafeZone ®, a leading safety, security and emergency management solution from CriticalArc.

The ground-breaking technology will enable Sydney Trains to manage a wide range of situations, including mitigating risks to staff and customers and strengthening the capacity to respond to incidents and emergencies across the network. For example, SafeZone will put up to 2,500 of Sydney Trains’ front-line staff directly in touch with security control room teams, letting them summon immediate assistance at the touch of a button.

The investment in SafeZone will cover over 175 stations across the greater Sydney area and is the latest step in a modernisation drive to transform Sydney Trains’ operations, with more than a million customer journeys taken on the network every weekday.

SafeZone enables staff to call for assistance and receive optimised response at the touch of a button via their assigned smartphone. This capability is as valuable on crowded city platforms at rush-hour as it is on more remote suburban stations where staff may be working alone late at night.

Across their transportation network, Sydney Trains will now have real-time situational awareness and a more complete picture of critical events. This makes possible a wide range of security management functions, such as sending targeted alerts to specific individuals and groups. It enables control room operators to pinpoint the location of individuals needing help so they can initiate the most efficient and rapid emergency response.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, CriticalArc has offices and operations in the UK and North America, providing an international delivery capability and reach.

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