Syniverse and Mavenir launch RCS business solution

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Syniverse and Mavenir have partnered to deliver a global cloud-based Rich Communication Services (RCS) business messaging as-a-service solution that promises to simplify messaging reach for brands and fuel A2P revenue opportunities for mobile operators.

RCS business messaging allows enterprises to engage with consumers from a single platform for everything from making restaurant reservations to customer service interactions. With the Syniverse and Mavenir solution, operators can enable enterprises to create an “app-like” experience within the native messaging icon, through a simple, globally connected platform without the need to develop new standalone applications.

Specifically, the offering encompasses onboarding, vetting and billing of brands and aggregators to allow mobile operators to deliver richer B2C as well as P2P user experiences to their subscribers using RCS messaging.

“Until now, operators could not offer businesses ways to deliver these rich engagements with consumers without both the consumers and businesses having to juggle numerous apps or navigate a fragmented market of social chat applications,” said Bill Hurley, chief marketing officer at Syniverse.

Hurley says the new service simplifies that challenge by offering cellcos a one-stop solution of advanced mobile messaging capabilities, enabling them to preserve existing A2P messaging revenue and capture new revenue streams from rich business messaging. “Specifically, our RCS solution provides faster time to revenue, frictionless onboarding of brands and brand aggregators, and a clean communications channel where B2C interactions are not harvested for metadata to be sold to the highest bidder.”

Despite rising growth in social media messaging platforms that attempt to offer rich messaging experiences, OTT messaging remains a relatively fragmented landscape compared to SMS, the only universal communication channel that can reach any user.

RCS is the GSMA’s official evolution of SMS and is gradually replacing the SMS service built into mobile devices, guaranteeing – in the near future – message delivery with global reach to any consumer with a mobile phone number.

Syniverse says the carrier-grade solution eliminates the complex business agreements and technological requirements that have previously slowed mass uptake of RCS. Syniverse supports financial clearing and settlement to ensure that service providers capture revenues regardless of whether the message is being sent from a business application to a person or a person to another person. Mavenir provides virtualized RCS network elements, messaging as a platform (MaaP), RCS client components, SpamShield revenue assurance, chatbot builder and chatbot lifecycle management platform.

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