Tata and Cloudera launch managed service for big data analytics

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Cloudera and Tata Communications have announced a strategic partnership to launch a global managed big data analytics platform that promises to help enterprises gain valuable insights into their data by crunching it in the cloud.

The companies’ managed big data service will leverage Tata Communications’ global cloud footprint and Cloudera’s machine learning and analytics capabilities to help enterprises quickly capture, store and analyze data in various formats and across multiple sources.

IDC predicts [PDF] that 163 zettabytes of data will be generated by 2025, which is ten times the data generated in 2016. This exponential growth leaves enterprises with the challenge of managing various types of data, from different sources, without busting budgets.

The new big data solution aims to help enterprises tackle this data deluge by consolidating data from all sources, both on-premise and cloud-based, into a centralized big data platform and enabling them to better structure a wide variety of types and volumes of data, thus transforming an overhead cost into a profit center, said Srinivasan CR, senior VP of Global Product Management & Data Centre Services at Tata Communications.

“Enterprises are already capturing and storing the data that could fuel their growth, if managed efficiently and effectively,” he said. “Our solution provides enterprises with the scale, speed and expertise to quickly transform raw data into structured and meaningful insights that address business challenges.”

The service is hosted in Tier 3 data centers in Mumbai, Singapore  and the UK, and is available in dedicated or multi-tenant private cloud environments, maintaining enterprise-grade regulatory and privacy standards. With a flexible pay-as-you-use cost model, the platform allows customers to easily scale data on-demand, according to the capacity required.

The solution suite includes key features such as data lifecycle management across acquisitions, awareness and modelling, analytics and governance, managed analytics and visualization tools and professional services to help enterprises define, design and implement their big data strategy.

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