TechMahindra on change, the platform era and a new focus

Tony Poulos and Manish Viaz at Samena Leaders Summit

If you want to know the biggest challenge for telcos in the 5G era or why calling telcos Telecoms Service Providers is a mistake, then you should ask Manish Vyas, President of Communications and Media, and CEO of Networks Services, at TechMahindra.

Tony Poulos did just that at the recent Samena Leaders’ Summit in Dubai.

In this short video, Vyas provides his thoughts and insights on the many challenges facing, well, almost every industry on earth as it comes to grips with the 5G era. It is time, believes Vyas, to examine properly the potential for disruption, change and growth in a 5G world.

The days of being in the connectivity game are well and truly gone, Vyas says, and we should change our thinking to imagining what is possible with a Platform Service Provider, which is how we should now think about telcos.

The success of TechMahindra, Vyas believes, is that its roots are in software and their focus has always been how to write software more efficiently.

Yet, although you could describe TechMahindra as a software business, Vyas is adamant that it is also a people business. After all, the company now employs around 120,000 people, half of whom are focused on telecoms and media.

Two years ago, the company decided to focus on three things, encapsulated by the words ‘run, change and grow’.

To hear what Vyas has to say about the huge changes of the last few years, the importance of processes and why he sees the Middle East taking a lead, then watch this video.

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