Why telcos should stick to their knitting and other gems of wisdom

telcos knitting
Image credit: aerogondo2 / shutterstock.com

Futurist, CommunicAsia keynote speaker and Fast Future CEO Rohit Talwar joins Tony Poulos to freely dispense advice to telcos on why they should stick to their knitting. In this candid, and sometimes irreverent discussion, Talwar and Poulos openly discuss what has and hasn’t worked for communications service providers in the past and how they should learn from their experiences moving forward.

That said, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom, with connectedness being the key to almost every digitalization activity that businesses are undertaking today, and the key component for all IoT and consumer activity in the future. So what can telcos do to get it right and capitalize on what they do best?

Beware: some of the content in this interview may invoke a response (possibly including, but not limited to, throwing your laptop/tablet/smartphone across the room). But we love a good argument, so please feel free to tell us what you think!

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