Telcos have a lot to learn from car manufacturers

Image credit: vadimguzhva

Telcos have a lot to learn from car manufacturers when it comes to marketing. They’re stuck in the rut of marketing speed as the primary attribute of a new technology such as 5G. But speed is only one measure of performance and is not even the most important aspect to many customers. In fact, other measures of network quality are set to become increasingly important.

Just as car manufacturers can sell “boy racer” models alongside family saloons and city smart cars, so service providers can sell better packaged connectivity that adds features different kinds of businesses value – such as network availability, service, assurance of delivery, and better response times between devices and compute nodes.

Vertical use cases are really just tailored packages containing products and pricing that appeal to different types of business users. For some, fewer errors are the most important criteria; for others it might be minimal delay; and for some it might be ‘safe’ connectivity which includes security software, expert support and assurances that may include service level agreements (not unlike an extended warranty or field service for cars).

It’s no good trying to sell a Ferrari to a woman with three kids and lots of shopping. You need to understand what the customer needs connectivity for, what is important to them, and what they’re prepared to spend.

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