It turns out that telecoms networks are essential after all

telecoms networks essential
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We have been debating the issue of whether telecoms networks are essential – essentially a utility – for around 20 years. In the first of a series of online briefings (forgive this first one for being a little informal) Tony Poulos and Alex Leslie look at how telecoms networks are coping with the huge demand being placed upon them.

The brief video turns into something of a round of applause for telecoms companies and the networks that they manage and support. In our hour of need they have come through, and helped the world keep in touch, keep business going and – in the coming weeks – they will keep us sane.

We talk about the value of telecoms. We touch on the fact that for a long time we have been saying that telecoms networks should take more of the ‘OTT’ revenue. As Angus Ward points out, connectivity accounts for just 5% of the potential revenue and 95% is thrown to the digital service providers.

Now, though, news is beginning to come through, showing how telecoms companies are addressing the enterprise market, and 5G is just a part of this new impetus. Private networks will probably be the way forward. This, too, has its challenges. Security, reliability scalability are all issues that telecoms companies need to address.

So, how do they make money?

Should they charge a management fee, should they charge for the quality of service, or should they charge a flat fee for connectivity? Or is there something else?

We invite you to watch our video and learn about the bizarre events that are happening at the moment. How Tony Poulos’ hair is growing faster than a 5G connection, how (and why) people are burning down 5G masts, because a doctor in Belgium said 5G spread COVID-19 and why we are now utterly convinced that telecoms networks are essential after all.

A round of applause for the unsung heroes?

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