Telecoms World Asia 2021 – 16-17 November (Online)

Telecoms World Asia

Have you saved the dates for Telecoms World Asia 2021 in your calendar yet?

Taking place on November 16th -17th should you be active in the telco industry then you will definitely want to be joining your peers, colleagues and prospects from across the region at the largest-ever edition of the conference!

Following the success from last year (and now with a year of technological advances and understanding for everyone when it comes to a virtual format) the platform is even more interactive and the content even more engaging. 

Telecoms World Asia 2021 is the region’s premier conference focused entirely on Asian Telcos. It will once again run virtually in November.

The world is changing as we move towards a truly digital economy, and the telecoms industry is right at its epicentre.

The rise of smart cities and continued urbanisation will create more need than ever before for telecoms infrastructure and operators.

5G technology will offer more speed, greater efficiency and less latency.

The Internet of Things will offer more opportunities for connected devices.

But to thrive in the digital economy, we need to become truly digital enterprises, adapting to new technologies, new revenue streams and new challenges.

The rise of IoT will create cybersecurity challenges.

Blockchain technology could disrupt how we do business and create opportunities for new third party services. And on top of that, our customers want more.

They are connected, they are technology-savvy, and they are consumers of content which we need to create, provide and deliver.

Join us at Telecoms World Asia 2021 as 120+ expert speakers discuss the key strategies, technologies and big ideas that will be essential for telco leaders in 2021 and beyond.

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