Telekom Malaysia to leverage Maxis’ 2G and 4G infrastructure

Telekom Malaysia Maxis

To strengthen the nation’s digital ecosystem through industry collaboration, Telekom Malaysia (TM) will access Maxis’ 4G Multi Operator Core Network (MOCN) infrastructure, as well as 4G and 2G Domestic Roaming Services (2G DR) to enhance mobile connectivity nationwide.

MOCN is a radio access network (RAN) sharing mechanism that allows different core networks to share the same RAN. Through this, TM will extend its 4G coverage across the country by leveraging Maxis’ RAN infrastructure and improving Unifi Mobile‘s population coverage to above 95%.

Maxis will provide 6,800 sites

Maxis will provide approximately 6,800 sites for 4G MOCN and domestic roaming (DR) services and 10,000 sites for 2G DR, greatly benefiting all subscribers in rural and urban areas nationwide.

In a ceremony today at TM HQ in Cyberjaya, Maxis was represented by its Chief Executive Officer, Goh Seow Eng, while Datuk Imri Mokhtar, Group Chief Executive Officer represented TM.

Telekom Malaysia and Maxis strategic pertnership

Through this strategic partnership, TM and Maxis demonstrate a shared commitment to driving innovation, improving customer experiences, and contributing to the advancement of Malaysia’s digital landscape.

“This is a significant milestone for Maxis which represents our capabilities and track record in providing high-quality mobile networks. We look forward to progressing ahead with TM on this initiative. Industry collaboration is the right way forward as it will ultimately benefit consumers with wider coverage through better cost efficiency and more efficient use of our resources,” said Goh Seow Eng.

Collaborative efforts

“We are witnessing an important step in the industry’s collaborative efforts towards infrastructure sharing. Our partnership will elevate TM’s 4G mobile proposition to deliver exceptional customer experience for home, SME, and enterprise customers. It will complement our 5G offering and pave the way for greater innovation and collaboration to deliver solutions and services for all Malaysians,” said Datuk Imri.

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