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Telekom Malaysia techco

With the recent launch of its TM Campus as well as a new HQ in Cyberjaya, Telekom Malaysia (TM) has chalked up new milestones on its transformational journey towards becoming a techco.

Telekom Malaysia becoming a techco
Dato’ Imri Mokhtar

Speaking alongside a Hari Raya event for its employees, Dato’ Imri Mokhtar, group chief executive officer, confirmed both strategic moves are inspired by the integrated telco and digital technology Group’s commitment to be a leading a human-centred techco nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration

The move to establish the TM Campus in Cyberjaya aligns with Malaysia’s smart nation aspirations, said Imri during the launch event. “Our new HQ embodies our overarching philosophy of human-centred techco, serving as a centre to cultivate mindsets and nurture culture, and igniting the spark for human-centred innovative solutions.”

The campus represents a dynamic and flexible work culture, promoting creativity and teamwork across the organisation, encouraging cross-functional collaboration and idea sharing, and providing employees with access to extensive learning and development tools, he said.

Imri said the TM Campus plays a pivotal role in the group’s transformation, fostering agility, flexibility, and efficiency through digital collaboration and hybrid work environments.

Helicopter take: Why become a techco?

In recent months, industry watchers have told me that the telco-to-techno journey is at the top of the telco agenda in the industry’s global landscape.

Telco leaders are responding to several drivers arising from a fast-moving market and shifting customer demands. Firstly, the transformation into a techco is indicative of a strategy to become more agile, ‘future-ready’, and better positioned to unlock new opportunities and overcome challenges.

Additionally, today’s reality is that a techco has the potential for greater growth, which attracts higher valuations from stock markets, according to several industry watchers.

Furthermore, experts opine that a strategic combination of collaboration with technology partners and insourcing and upscaling digital-ready skills will bring greater scope to independently innovate growth.

Usually, the burgeoning techco’s first phase lies in building up an arsenal of cloud and software services buoyed by a strong research, development, and service focus.

Redefining and serving the needs of customers

These moves are usually hinged on a fundamental purpose: redefining and serving the needs of customers today and into the near future.

Some industry watchers opine that in a post-pandemic world, we have seen a 40% to 100% increase in global demand for digital services and technologies. These include:

Of course, telcos are not the same. When we look at telcos worldwide, we see that they serve different markets, visions and foundations. The common challenge is the need to pivot their infrastructure, services and models to a highly competitive and shifting new digital world.

Human-centred Telekom Malaysia and ‘future of work’

Moving back to TM’s latest announcements, the human element is paramount in the way it is advancing on its transformational journey.

A company statement elaborates that the TM Campus – comprising the TM HQ, TM Innovation Hub, TM Network Intelligence Centre, and TM Core Data Centre– has been designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating eco-friendly features such as green spaces and ample natural light, creating a healthy and inspiring workspace environment.

Video (in Malay): TM launches new HQ and Campus in Cyberjaya

Furthermore, open office spaces, advanced technology infrastructure, digital tools, and dedicated collaboration areas will empower productivity and employee satisfaction and help them to deliver innovative solutions to customers.

To support this evolution, TM provides various on-demand learning platforms and technology training opportunities to complement its commitment towards human-centred innovation. “With the spirit of collaboration and mutual exchange of ideas, we will continue to develop ourselves for the benefit of our customers and other stakeholders,” Dato’ Imri concluded.

 “We are thrilled to launch the new campus as it is a testament to our commitment to propel innovation among our employees, customers and partners. The campus features an open space concept equipped with advanced technology infrastructure to facilitate Warga TM [Team TM] to co-create digital platforms and smart solutions,” said Imri.

‘Your next is now’

This is also in line with TM’s new brand theme, ‘Your Next is Now’, which demonstrates how technology is harnessed to empower people to drive change, enabling them to realise their aspirations, whether to scale big ideas, build new businesses, or take better care of the planet.

Some of these innovations were displayed during the launch event: TM Digital Workplace features the benefits of a hybrid work environment, On-demand Learning and Professional Development Platforms and Employees’ Self-Service for greater efficiency within Warga TM.

The TM One Smart Solutions showcase area featured Smart Healthcare, Smart Industries & Analytics, and Smart City.

Looking ahead, he added: “We are changing our way of working, and this campus will be the catalyst. Complemented by the use of various technologies and digital tools such as robotics process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and remote working tools, it will bring out the best of our people, while enhancing their well-being at the same time.”

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