Telenor chief challenges his employees to boost digital skillsets

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Telenor says its group CEO Sigve Brekke has challenged more than 30,000 employees in 12 countries to carry out 40 hours of training and education in 2018 to boost their digital skillsets in key competency areas to help the company transform its workforce.

The five areas are digital marketing, digital channels, applied analytics, design and product development.

Going into 2018, Telenor’s digital learning portal, Telenor Campus, has been relaunched with free curated courses from recognized online learning providers such as Lynda (from LinkedIn) and Coursera (online courses from leading universities and business schools). In addition to courses in the five key competency areas, there are training modules within leadership at all levels, agile and traditional project management, growth mindset and the strength-based development practice.

Brekke has given all employees a “40 hour challenge” – to accomplish 40 hours of learning during 2018, at least 20 of which should be within Telenor Campus. The rest can be learning opportunities related to responsibility, such as on-the-job training (stretch assignments, mentoring, job rotation) or external courses to develop new skills.

“Digitalisation is fundamentally changing our societies. Embracing this change can help turn it into an opportunity; we need to work in new ways, dare to think differently about career development and we need to stimulate life-long learning,” Brekke said. “As our and other industries transform, the future of work is that you may not have one career, but several – and we as an employer must cater to that … I truly believe that the return on this bet will put us at the forefront of the digital race.

Brekke added that he’s not excluding himself from the challenge. “So far for the 40 hour challenge, I’ve taken a Growth Mindset course, delved into Data Analytics and look forward to more.”

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