Telkomsel and ZTE wrap up first massive MIMO field trial

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ZTE says that it has successfully conducted the first FDD-LTE massive MIMO field trial in Indonesia with Telkomsel.

Deploying ZTE’s FDD-LTE massive MIMO solution, the Telkomsel field trial used 20 MHz of bandwidth to achieve data throughput of up to 468 Mbps, an almost four-fold increase compared to existing 2×2 MIMO FDD LTE networks.

The field trial in Makassar, one of the largest and most densely-populated cities in Eastern Indonesia, used commercially-available TM9 handsets and Mi-Fi units in a simultaneous four handset/MiFi configuration, which ZTE said demonstrated the capability of FDD-LTE massive MIMO to enhance the performance of LTE networks without changing user terminals.

“We are constantly improving our technology and readiness of our next-generation networks to cope with the growing global trend,” said Indra Mardiatna, Telkomsel’s VP of Technology and System.

Following the successful field trials, ZTE and Telkomsel have agreed to continue with the next phase of the trials to verify other technical aspects such as coverage, mobility, and interference, to ensure the technology is feasible and effective for a wider rollout in Telkomsel’s LTE network.

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