Telstra launches the first of several Security Operation Centres

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Telstra has launched its Security Operation Centre (SOC) in Sydney, from which the incumbent telco plans to offer a range of services to help government and enterprise customers manage their cyber security.

The Sydney SOC will be followed by Melbourne’s SOC opening later this month and other locations globally next year.

Speaking at the Sydney launch event, Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said the Sydney SOC marked a critical step in Telstra’s own cyber security strategy and would contribute to Australia’s broader efforts to implement cyber security.

“Cyber security is a team sport requiring the collaboration of government, regulators and businesses to be successful. We all need to work together to find solutions that will help businesses and individuals better protect themselves from growing cyber security threats,” Penn said.

In addition to the SOC, Telstra’s cyber security strategy includes plans for greater collaboration with government and large corporations to identify and respond to large scale threats, and the establishment of learning and development programs to build awareness and knowledge of cyber security amongst company workforces.

Telstra’s recent 2017 Cyber Security Report said that the rate of cybercrime has doubled in Australia in the past 12 months, with almost 60%of organizations surveyed detecting a security incident on at least a monthly basis in 2016.

“Our cyber security strategy aims to lift the country’s cyber security baseline through the establishment of secure connections, network-level controls and awareness campaigns for the business community as well as consumers,” said Penn.

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