Thailand regulator (NBTC) raises USD3.2 billion from 5G auction

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Telegeography CommsUpdate: The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has completed its 5G multiband spectrum auction, raising around THB100.5 billion (USD3.2 billion) from the sale of 48 concessions for spectrum in the 700MHz, 2600MHz and 26GHz bands.

The regulator put up for sale 2×15MHz in the 700MHz band (three concessions for 2×5MHz each), 2×190MHz in the 2600MHz band (19, 2×10MHz) and 2700MHz in 26GHz (27, 100MHz), while spectrum in the 1800MHz band was not included in the auction, as none of the qualified bidders expressed an interest in the seven 2×5MHz blocks. Mobile operator Advanced Info Service (AIS), through its subsidiary Advanced Wireless Network (AWN), secured 23 out of the 49 licences up for auction, followed by True Corp and its subsidiary True Move H Universal Communication (TUC) with 17 licences, TOT (four licences), Total Access Communication (DTAC) and CAT (two concessions each).

The auction for the three 700MHz authorisations lasted 19 rounds, with the airwaves sold to AWN (one licence) and CAT (two concessions) at THB17.15 billion apiece. The 2600MHz tender raised a total of THB37.43 billion, with AWN securing ten licences and TUC nine. Lastly, THB11.62 billion was raised from the sale of 26 concessions in the 26GHz range (THB455 million each). AWN secured twelve concessions, followed by TUC (eight), TOT (four) and DTAC (two); one 100MHz block in the 26GHz band remained unsold.

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