Theories about the Universe abound – like ‘were we built in a laboratory?’

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There are a string of theories about where and when our Universe came from, as well as theories about whether ours is the only one.

The theories are obviously constrained because we are a single point of reference and our experience of time and space is one dimensional. This means that we need a ‘beginning and an end’ to satisfy our mainly emotional needs of a universe.

One of the latest and most fascinating theories is that our Universe was created in a laboratory.

Not only that, but the article in Scientific American that describes why this might be, goes on to classify civilisations – from Class A to Class D.

At the top of the pile of civilisations (Class A) are the ones who are advanced enough to create baby universes with the potential and ingredients of life, using a process called ‘quantum tunnelling.

As you might expect, we are Class C, just able to maintain our home but not very good at it – yet. In fact, according to the author, the way we are going about destroying (or helping to destroy) our world might knock us down to a Class D.

Class B civilisations can improve environments around them so that they become independent of their star, as and when it explodes.

As theories go, it is right out there, but it does have a certain appeal.

For a start, it addresses the two main frictions of the overall ‘who are we’ debate – is there a creator and do we exist in a Darwinian world.

Yes. And yes.

It also addresses some of the more interesting recent theories about the Universe (or Multiverses) in that it is likely that several (or several billion) universes exist in parallel, and it is possible that someone is sitting writing an article on theories about universes just the other side of a cosmic wall.

If true, then the question is ‘how do we improve ourselves and aim to become a Class A civilisation?’

One answer might be that ‘we can’t get there from here; it is too little too late.’

Another answer might be that we, as a civilisation, are still in our infancy, still experimenting, still getting it wrong but also with the potential to get it right, ultimately.

Even the exercise of considering, even briefly, weird and wonderful theories about who we are and why we are here must mean that we have the enquiring minds that are a starting point for this new era of exploration.

We are, after all, on the brink of being able to see further and go further than ever before, and we have the tools and people with the vision to start that journey of discovery and enquiry.

Perhaps that advanced civilisation that popped in for a chat the other day was just checking on our progress, taking stock of their own theories about whether funny little humans have the potential to take their place at the table of Class A civilisations.

As theories go, it stretches the imagination – but perhaps we are just about ready to have our imaginations stretched.

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