Thinxtra aims to make IoT networks dead easy with new Sigfox development kit


Asia-Pacific Sigfox operator Thinxtra has announced the launch of the Xkit, an Arduino-based development platform for the Sigfox global network.

Essentially a Sigfox starter kit for start-ups, design houses, universities and schools, the Thinxtra Xkit devkit boasts a full suite of features and accessories to empower anyone to set up an IoT solution, even with very little hardware experience. Thinxtra says the kit has everything needed to hit the ground running using the Sigfox network.

The Xkit supports multiple hardware development platforms to enable discovery and development at varying levels of technical skills.

Included in the kit:

  • Thinxtra Shield (with embedded sensors: temperature, pressure, light, shock and 3D accelerometer, 2 LEDs and 1 push button)
  • Arduino compatible Uno R3 board (already plugged in the shield)
  • External 8.5 cm antenna
  • USB cable (to plug to a Raspberry Pi or PC or to re-flash the Arduino board)
  • Battery holder (so the kit is independent of any external power source or computer)

inside thinxtra devkit boxThinxtra also provides complete step-by-step guides to use the Xkit with well known IoT platforms: Amazon Web Services IoT, Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix.

The kit also comes with a year’s worth of free connectivity on the Sigfox global network.

“We realised early in the game that the best way to support the ecosystem is by creating a truly low cost, versatile and powerful development kit,” said Renald Gallis, VP of Marketing and Ecosystem at Thinxtra. “This aligns with the Sigfox value proposition: low cost, simple and streamlined connectivity. The simplicity is further enhanced via our easy four-step set up process which allows users to register online and get immediate access to a year of free Sigfox connectivity. “

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