Thuraya and Indosat Ooredoo in business satcomms tie-up


Mobile satellite services operator Thuraya Telecommunications and Indosat Ooredoo have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop a new range of services by combining Indosat products with Thuraya satellite technology and devices for business customers in Indonesia.

The agreement has created a framework for collaboration in three main areas. New services will be developed using Indosat SIM cards roaming on the Thuraya network as well as bundling satellite devices with Indosat Ooredoo digital applications. At a later stage, Thuraya and Indosat also plan to develop additional use cases for the IoT market.

The satellite-powered business applications allow organisations to extend their services beyond terrestrial networks, whenever they have remote connectivity requirements across various extreme environmental conditions. Indosat has identified an extensive range of specific sector opportunities for Thuraya’s land, data and maritime services.

The full scope of markets now set for transformational communications capabilities across Indonesia includes oil and gas, and mining; plantations; high end yachting, merchants and fishing; military and police services.

Bilal Hamoui, Thuraya’s Chief Commercial Officer, said the MoU is an important step towards an extensive and exciting long term collaboration.

“Indonesia is a large country covering a vast area, and it needs comprehensive connectivity at all times. Our capabilities are complementary, and we will be able to give end users far greater flexibility than they have now,” Hamoui said.

Herfini Haryono, Indosat Ooredoo director and chief of Wholesale and Enterprise, said the cooperation “will expand the reach of our digital services such as unified communications, and provide a truly seamless experience

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