TM Forum launches online Open API lab on IBM Cloud

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The TM Forum has announced the launch of an online Open API lab “platform” that it says will accelerate innovation for service providers and suppliers.

The lab provides an environment where users can learn, innovate and develop applications and new digital services. The platform, developed with IBM and Neural Technologies, is hosted on IBM Cloud.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the need for experimentation in the R&D process has never been greater. The Open API lab platform will accelerate innovation and support experimentation and prototyping of new services that are underpinned by TM Forum’s Open APIs. By leveraging IBM Cloud, open source capabilities, and Neural Technologies’ Optimus platform, the lab will enable faster deployment of open APIs, as well as providing access to many open source technologies, such as Node.js, OAuth2 and Connect ID.

The lab will also have capabilities to build and check the application of Open APIs in TM Forum’s proof-of-concept Catalyst projects to drive the industry’s cultural and digital transformation.

The Open APIs are designed to be used as a suite of APIs to maximize their benefits. Lab users will have access to an Open API component framework developed by TM Forum members which will demonstrate how the APIs can be used as a suite to manage end to end services as part of a flow of capabilities.

“The TM Forum Open API lab is the next step in our support for designers, architects and developers to accelerate innovation,” said Joann O’Brien, VP of APIs & Ecosystems at TM Forum.

“As communication service providers look to digitally reinvent their businesses and to support rapidly increasing network demands, APIs and microservices are combining with cloud as the platform for digital innovation,” said Steve Canepa, managing director of Global Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment Industry, IBM.  “The IBM Cloud allows CSPs to have access to a rich set of platform services and AI that can be combined with the TMForum Open APIs to speed the development of new digital services and the modernization of existing applications.”

The Open API lab will be available immediately, with Catalyst and componentized framework capabilities expected to be delivered by May 2018.

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