Tune Talk adopts Juvo tech to offer financial services for prepaid subs

Can Defi boost digitalisation for Malaysia's SMEs
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Juvo has announced a partnership with Malaysian MVNO Tune Talk to drive financial inclusion with ‘Pay Later’, a digitized service created by Juvo and fueled by Juvo’s identity scoring technology.

Pay Later provides prepaid users with access to progressive levels of financial services, starting with airtime loans. By using Juvo’s data science and game mechanics technology, subscribers graduate to higher levels of credit based on top-up and repayment history, account information, and every day interaction.

Pay Later enables prepaid subscribers to unlock access to advanced financial services. For Tune Talk, Juvo’s solution will drive higher levels of engagement, increase retention and develop an identity-based relationship between Tune Talk and its customers, said Stewart Kumar, Head of Product at Tune Talk.

“Greater access to connectivity has increased the appetite for digital services among our prepaid subscribers, and we have worked hard to deliver a differentiated offering that meets their unique needs,” said Kumar.

Smartphone users in Malaysia are estimated to reach 17.8 million this year, and grow to 21.3 million by 2021. Tune Talk is using Juvo’s technology to create an app that provides a single destination for shopping, notifications, merchandising, credit extensions and account management. Juvo says its identity scoring technology drives customer engagement, improving customer satisfaction through always-on access and paving the way for greater financial opportunity.
“Making credit extensions and personalized financial services available to everyone is one of the best ways for operators to increase engagement with their prepaid customers, and drive financial inclusion,” said Steve Polsky, founder and CEO of Juvo. “Juvo’s Identity Scoring technology not only helps limit zero balance days – the times when subscribers can’t afford to top up and are therefore without service – but it also significantly reduces churn while increasing consumption.”

Tune Talk’s Pay Later app is available on GooglePlay.

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