UFO encounters are more commonplace – but is there more to come?

UFO encounters
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UFO encounters and their stories are out there to be found – and easily. The US Government, of course, did their ‘big reveal’ earlier this year and we were underwhelmed. At least we were if we were expecting crystal clear videos of officials shaking hands with real, actual, verifiable, you know, aliens.

As we thought, though, the ‘big reveal’ might actually be the start of the reveal and it might (a) be a lot more detailed as we get used to the strangeness and (b) take some years to complete.

A common theme of these UFO encounters is that they seem to combine characters who work for the Government and are therefore authoritative but who also seem to have something of the maverick about them.

For instance, the next reveal (Big Reveal 1.2) of the UFO encounters story is from one Luis Elizondo, who ran the US Government’s UFO ‘desk’ for a while. He told GQ that there were a couple of weird (weirder) things about the encounters of several military personnel that did not add up (the actual encounters, of course, add up perfectly).

One was that the people involved reported having a strange suntan afterwards, which later turned out to be radiation burns.

The second was that time warped. During a 30 minute encounter, the aircraft used only five minutes’ worth of fuel.

How does Elizondo know this? Well, he was the guy that people who encountered UFOs reported the incidents to.

If this new information on UFO encounters is Big Reveal 1.2, then it is reasonable that version 1.3 will have more detailed information still. Elizondo says that one pilot got within 50 feet of a UFO and, at some point, we will get to see that.

The problem with UFO encounters is that they are so hard to verify. Fake news is so sophisticated that who knows what to believe anymore.

Yet the stories keep coming. One recent story was from another Navy operative, who, using a special filter on his telescope to be able to see different wavelengths, saw a ‘mothership’ unloading its smaller craft, having surfaced from the ocean. In fact, search ‘mothership’ on YouTube and settle in for an afternoon of grainy, greyish videos of … well, you be the judge.

UFO encounters are not new and not limited to North America. We probably all know someone who has seen something that could be defined as a UFO. In Wales, a sighting was so clear, the crash so real and the aliens so ‘there’ that every member of the class of the local school painted the same pictures, some of the ship, some of the aliens. The same has happened in Africa (Zimbabwe) and in India. Sightings have been documented throughout history.

So, either we are all hallucinating (at least those of us who hope that UFOs are being driven by aliens) or at least some of the UFO encounters are real, and really are driven by aliens, who are about to make our aquaintance.

At which point (Big Reveal 2.0), please join the Zoom meeting to discover how flawed our physics is, how to move between parallel universes and how to negotiate a black hole without ending up 42,000 miles long and one inch wide.

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