The US UFO (UAP) report says UFOs are not alien but how do they know?

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The number of sightings of UFOs is extraordinary. So, too, are the number of stars that would be able to ‘see’ our planet, nestled in our ordinary little solar system.

The much hyped Pentagon report on UFOs: a) revealed not very much, and b) is centred on only one country.

Globally there are 192 UFO sightings every day, or 70,000 a year. These numbers are compelling enough to assume that a tiny percentage of them might actually be alien craft of some kind.

Meanwhile, scientists have been looking at the numbers from another angle and building a celestial map of the stars that have been in the right place to observe Earth in the last 10,000 years, and that number is over 1,700.

What they might have seen is interesting enough (emerging from the swamp, crawling up a bank, standing up, cheering on your country as it loses in the final), and if they were watching, they would now see Richard Branson waving from space and Jeff Bezos donning his spacesuit (assuming their technology is advanced enough to ‘see’ much faster than light speed). Does this mean, they might think, that the time is right for a visit, or shall we give them another 10,000 years or so?

There is another problem with the numbers and the pictures that came out of the US last month.

They call the UFOs UAPs just to be different and authoritative, and they say that things are flying around that they cannot explain but clearly exist because they have been caught on multiple systems.

Then they say that they are not of alien origin.

Excuse me, but how do they know?

It seems as if they are using the tried and tested ‘smoke and mirrors’ argument to gloss over the main fact. That they do not know what these UFOs are or what is driving them.

So, what we have is a set of clearer pictures of these UFOs, backed up by professionals who have seen them, an ex-President who has asked the big question and all of this adds up, so they want us to believe, to convincing evidence that UFOs do not contain aliens.

Call me right or call me wrong, but the numbers are just too big for all of the UFO sightings to be just that, unidentified flying objects. And we are simply too small and out of the way in the Galaxy, let alone Universe, not to believe alien eyes are watching us and flying around Earth on a daily basis, probably on holiday.

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