If UFOs are humans from the future, what do they want, exactly?

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UFOs are back in the spotlight. In the 90s there was a big surge in sightings and stories and conspiracy theories. Now, UFOs and the theories that surround them are back. Hardly a day goes by without something or someone coming to light.

One recent theory, by a bona fide professor from Montana Technical University, is that UFOs are humans travelling back in time, not ‘aliens’ at all.

Another advocate of aliens being among us already is astronaut Helen Sherman, who went to the International Space Station in 1991. She is convinced, as many people who have seen the vastness of the Universe from the front row are, that aliens exist, without a doubt, and are probably walking among us. She believes that the reason we cannot see them is that they are life forms that are so different – possibly silicon based – that our brains simply ignore them as being too bizarre. In effect, we set up an SEP.

The US and the UK navies have both agreed to post their most recent sightings of UFOs online, for all of us to see – and believe. The only problem here is that the sightings are generally of things moving very fast and behaving erratically (which sounds strangely like the editor of Disruptive.Asia).

Meanwhile, Doctor Who star, Jodie Whittaker, believes in aliens without hesitation. Mind you, she would, having been rushing about the Galaxy and saving it from a range of nasty aliens, some of whom cannot climb stairs.

So, with that (we grant you not enormous) weight of evidence, let us suppose that aliens do exist (and are not the editor of Disruptive.Asia and some of his stranger friends).

Let us further suppose that they are indeed us but from the future, presumably checking in to see how we are doing.

(Thinly) papering over the fact, that if they are humans from the future they would probably know how we are doing, so why come back, it does beg some questions.

  • Where did we/will we get to and therefore come back from?
  • How far in the future are we talking? A fortnight, a thousand years, a million years?
  • What are the hairstyles/headstyles like in the future?
  • Is Elon Musk still alive?
  • What is going on with sex and gender and all that stuff? Did we/will we just sort of give it all up and have a nice cup of tea instead?
  • Is the nice professor from Montana simply trying to get a posting somewhere more exciting?

Whatever aliens are and wherever they come from we can conclude two things.

First, they are probably not future editors of Disruptive.Asia and second, we are, without doubt heading into another spell of UFOs, sightings, stories and conspiracy theories.

Warp speed please, Mr Data.


  1. Fascinating commentary. As always, i enjoy our industry posts to keep us up to date and informed on our “tethered to earth issues”, but the extra benefit that Alex consistently piques our outward bound curiousity is to be commended. Personally, although many may have laughed at Star Trek in the past for having the majority of it’s aliens appear humanlike (more budget issues I presume) than actual SEP aliens, I will say that lately I too am of the mindset that Humans are just one of the many items of items of the universal nomenclature of items. You make soup, and dinosaurs, humans, etc will spawn if the conditions are right. What other nomenclature (items) have not occurred yet on our world, hmm….

  2. I believe they are not time travelers but aliens from other worlds and/or star systems. They’re visiting here because they’re curious about who we are and what we’re doing. When they fly by earth they lock the doors on their spaceships.

  3. @JoeStonecipher, Good point. There are some who believe that UFOs, Ghosts, demons, and all the phenomena are basically the same phenomena….. All sorts of manipulation of space and time that is beyond our comprehension. Imagine what a caveman would think if he saw an iphone? “Oh look, a shiny rock”. Imagine what “shiny rocks” may be right under our noses and out of reach of our understanding.

  4. Aliens have been on earth for Milenia, genetically modifying the DNA of the human race. There are two trillion galaxies out there. Vast distances are traversed using worm holes. Space / time is irrelevant. They may even be interdimensional. As it is we are living in virtual reality existence, a hologram defined by the atom, which is just an electrical charge of neutrons, protons, electrons. Like watching a DVD screen. We need to re assess our illusion of reality.

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