US files on UFOs will be published next month – are we excited or scared?

US files on UFOs
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The US files on UFOs are about to be made public. Even though some files have been released already – mainly from Navy sightings – we are about to get the full story. Or so they say.

The former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, gave more details this week. Some US files are already out there, but Americans are apparently entitled to know the truth. While this may prompt a response such as ‘other countries may also exist’ and, as Jack Nicholson roared at the end of A Few Good Men, ‘you can’t handle the truth,’ it seems we are about to get (some of) it anyway.

Ratcliffe, in a forthright mood, said that these sightings are not just from a single source. Many of the US files that will be shared are sighting from multiple intelligence sources or satellites. While light can play strange tricks, he said, some of these UFOs are really hard to explain and are, hopefully, not from an adversary, which would not be ideal.

The sightings that we know about are generally cylindrical objects hovering and then setting off at high speed, against considerable headwinds and without creating a sonic boom as they break what should be the sound barrier.

A Senator who is in the loop on this said that what has been released so far only scratches the surface of what is in the US files. This is odd because Edward Snowden said he couldn’t find anything at all, but that is another story.

So, are we set for a portfolio of similar videos from these US files or are we about to see pretty compelling evidence of what some senior intelligence people are beginning to say publicly? That aliens are already here but waiting for the right moment.

If that is true then we are at the moment in history when we are deemed to be ready for the Big Reveal.

The US files are not the only files that are under discussion.

Recently, the SETI project has been picking up Fast Radio Bursts from about a billion light-years away. While this is not uncommon (and might be described in the US files), the most recent have been strange because they have been regular bursts, repeated. And not just twice but up to 72 times, which is also pretty compelling evidence that these are signals of some sort (one analyst believes they might have been warnings about COVID, as they were received in September 2019).

The question, therefore, is ‘are they meant for us?’

And if they are, what do they mean, how do we de-code them and is now the time to make a run for it.

The scary dilemma is that if these radio bursts are messages, are they good or bad. Some scientists believe we could be sent a message that we open, and suddenly all our earthly computers are infected with an alien virus that stops humanity in its tracks. Not all visitors are benign, after all. Look at any nation in our history that has come upon a rich land inhabited by indigenous people. Have we treated them well? No, we infect them, poison them and enslave them. Generally speaking.

We are not that nice if we are honest. So why should another species be different? Because the thought that we might be enslaved or annihilated, en masse, is probably too difficult to deal with.

Some scientists are seriously debating what we would do if we received an alien email. Some say we bury it in concrete, some say we open it (it might be a plan to save the world), and others say we should take it to the moon and lock it away. Certain publishers of disruptive publications say that if aliens can send us a message, they can also click the button that says ‘auto-open upon arrival’, so those discussions are probably moot.

Whatever the US files tell us, it is definitely possible that we are quietly moving into a new and very different era, perhaps even heralded or set in motion by a global pandemic.

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  1. I await the report(s) with anticipation. To learn whether or not we are truly alone in the universe may be worth the scare or boost of adreneline it may cause…

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