Verimatrix reveals cloud content distribution platform

video content distribution cloud
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Verimatrix has unveiled  a new content distribution platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that provides enhanced connectivity between content providers and video service operators, streamlines end-to-end workflows and automates video analytics reporting.

The new ‘Viewthority’ platform, which is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), is designed to reduce the cost and complexity of current content delivery processes, resulting in improved competitiveness and enabling new business models.

Content providers and video service operators share a need to streamline and secure the distribution of their video assets. While content providers wish to broaden and accelerate the monetization of assets, they need new tools to ensure content security, enforce distribution windows and downstream playback policies, and obtain usage reporting for analytics purposes. Video service operators, on the other hand, desire easier and faster access to compelling content, combined with a reduction in cost and distribution complexity from the point of origination to the viewers.

Viewthority centralizes the content and security workflows via a common cloud platform with a single point of integration where both parties gain significant distribution efficiencies. This results in reduced workflow processes and unprecedented access to real-time video data and analytics, says Verimatrix CEO Tom Munro.

“Based on our experience and talking with the leaders in their field, it became obvious that efficiently connecting a centralized content library to a network of global video service operators would address many of the current challenges of distributing content,” Munro said. “We decided to use AWS for its global infrastructure and the robust AWS networking and content delivery services, which were critical [to creating] a collaborative and transparent environment that opens up new markets, new viewers, and new revenue streams.”

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