Verimatrix targets IoT market with cloud security platform

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Verimatrix has announced its entry into the emerging IoT applications space with a new cloud-based platform solution that addresses the revenue threat landscape and lifecycle management.

The new “Vtegrity” solution addresses the critical security gaps that exist with many current IoT services that fail to ensure the integrity of connected devices —both at initial deployment and over the subsequent application lifecycle. Vtegrity provides the fundamental elements to secure the device software, device communications, and proactive threat detection that are essential to protect IoT-based revenue streams.

By building upon its security technologies and ecosystem partnerships, Verimatrix says the Vtegrity solution extends the benefits of the same hardware-anchored device security regime offered by the company’s VCAS revenue security solution for pay TV, such as device integrity and secure authentication support. Vtegrity can also leverage Vermitarix’s recently launched Verspective cloud-based analytics solution to enable secure data collection and behavioral insight compliant with new regulatory frameworks.

“The IoT market can be characterized as a large number of business applications that rely on device-to-cloud communication to generate value for the customer and revenue streams for the service provider. As the market matures, the critical nature of overall application integrity has become more apparent. All revenue streams must be underpinned by a comprehensive approach to security – and the weakest link has often been shown to be at the device level,” said Petr Peterka, CTO of Verimatrix. “Our experience has demonstrated time and again that security requires a continuous support cycle, illustrating that our role in securing revenue has an expanded resonance in this new and challenging market landscape.”

Verimatrix says it has been able to leverage much of its existing partner ecosystem to support the IoT market, including device manufacturers, code update services, IoT cloud application providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and system-on-chip (SoC) providers.

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