Verimatrix launches managed video security/analytics in the cloud

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Verimatrix has announced the launch of the Verimatrix Secure Cloud, a new deployment option that equips video service operators with a trusted, flexible, fully managed framework for video content security and analytics in the cloud.

Supported by the Verimatrix Global Services team and monitored on a 24/7/365 basis, Secure Cloud broadens the scope of deployment options available for operators who use Verimatrix solutions of any size or scale such as Verspective, MultiRights OTT Plus and Video Content Authority System (VCAS).

Billed as a cost-effective alternative to on-premise systems and operations, the solution can be rapidly deployed and reconfigured as required, while keeping operators in full control of their service offering and subscriber relationships.

“In order to drive their competitive profile and continued subscriber growth, operators are looking to more flexible deployment strategies for their critical service subsystems – that’s why we’re offering a managed cloud deployment approach,” said Steve Oetegenn, president of Verimatrix.

Secure Cloud is implemented via a customer-dedicated Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtual private cloud environment that includes private and secure storage for critical data and assets. Deployments of VCAS and Verspective software solutions in Secure Cloud become best-in-class video service components, interoperable with other components of the cloud video ecosystem, including encoders and streamers, CDNs and content management systems.

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