Verizon on the innovation trail with launch of Exponent for carriers

Verizon launched Exponent last Thursday, just a few days before MWC in Barcelona. Exponent is a new platform through which Verizon will sell software and service capabilities to international carriers, including its Internet of Things (IoT), digital media services, big data/analytics, cloud services and more, to enable those carriers to quickly offer new services.

Digital transformation is everything these days in telecom.  The faster operators, big and small, can move down this path, the more competitive they will be and the more appealing heir services will be to customers.  Telcos with the size and mindset of Verizon have significant advantages.  If they are will to share some of their expertise, technology and methodology, this will be a boon for smaller operators around the globe.

“As carriers around the world seek to compete with new, emerging technology players and OTT service providers, Exponent provides a cost-effective way for them to leverage Verizon’s investment and experience to diversify and help grow their revenue streams while relying on our tradition of innovation, reliability, and excellence,” Guru Pai, Verizon’s chief product officer, commented.

Exponent platforms provide a broad range of business and technical benefits to carriers including:

  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Platform – designed to assist carriers to unlock and monetize their wealth of data through the application of advanced machine learning techniques, deep analytics, and artificial intelligence. This new groundbreaking platform enables service providers to utilize their unique data sets in the marketplace and open new business opportunities.
  • IoT Platform– from silicon to vertical solutions, this platform eliminates many of the limitations carriers have traditionally faced in managing the known complexities of its IoT growth business. By integrating a wide set of capabilities, from managing all end user devices and connections to a developer and customer marketplace, carriers are empowered to accelerate their IoT use cases.
  • Media Services Platform – through cross-platform video and advanced media services across multiple networks with different end point devices, this platform reduces complexity to a simple integrated end-to-end next-generation video technology, handling everything from content ingestion to the final user screen. These solutions allow carriers to easily process at scale any type of video content from linear TV feeds to live streaming, OTT and emerging formats such as 360 video and VR, at a very convenient cost structure, while delivering a rich and customizable user experience.
  • Internet Services Delivery Platform – with the goal of managing the ever-increasing infrastructure demand, this platform provides a powerful and flexible real-time flow-based solution that helps operators launch revenue-generating internet services, create value-based pricing and consumer engagement plans, and deliver dynamic network optimization capabilities through a simple management interface.
  • Cloud Computing and Storage Platform – designed and built with carrier-sized deployments in mind, this container-based architecture allows carriers to rapidly deploy new services with a focus on scale and security, all while optimizing for both performance and cost.

More on Exponent here [Yahoo]

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