Viettel Group helps millions in developing countries to stay online

Viettel Group President
Viettel's President and CEO Le Dang Dung is seen at his office during an interview in Hanoi, Vietnam. REUTERS/Kham

With countries constraining or advising their citizens to stay at home in order to reduce the effect of the pandemic, people are depending more heavily than ever on their internet connection for work and education.

To lessen the financial burden of customers, Viettel Group member companies are providing telecommunications services at exceptionally low fees. Natcom triples fixed-line internet bandwidth for Haitian’s without changing the price. In Peru, Bitel has doubled internet bandwidth available to current users and gifted 1GB data to 3.6 million customers. Unitel reduces data services fee by 40% for customers in Laos.

Remote education is also an area where Viettel is providing much needed support. Metfone – Viettel’s venture in Cambodia – is providing free internet connection to the country’s education portals. Metfone has also halved the internet fee for more than 2000 students until May. In Mozambique, Movitel is planning to provide special data packages to students which allows free access to official study materials.

Viettel Group companies are also promoting the use of mobile money/wallet to avoid the need of going to physical bank. Movitel raised daily money transfer cap and reduced transfer fee, encouraging people to make payment and transfer safely from home. In Laos, Star Fintech has collaborated with Red Cross Laos to raise money using the company’s app, u-money, while waiving all transfer fees. Cambodia’s Metfone is providing free wallet-to-wallet money transfer.

Manh Hung, CEO of Viettel Global, said: “Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we always have in mind our responsibility to help the people and government of the countries in which we have investment. We commit to provide quality services and technologies to the people in affected areas with advantageous pricing or even free if needed.”

Viettel Group is an international enterprise headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. The group has investments in 11 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. Viettel has five business lines including telecommunications and information technology (IT); research and manufacture of electronic and telecommunications equipment; defense industry; cyber security and digital services. Viettel Telecom, a member of Viettel Group, is the largest telecommunications service provider in Vietnam.

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