Voices from the future – scary, but we should have already got the message

voices from the future
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Voices from the future are circulating the internet (mind you, you have to dig a bit to find them) and they are messages of doom. The one below is, apparently, from 2057 (only 35 years hence) and describes an Earth on its last legs – the water has all but run out, the vast majority of mankind has been wiped out by a virus known as VTR, there are no animals left and, well, you get the picture.

The thing is that we hardly need voices from the future to tell us that we are at a crisis point.

Whether or not we have contributed or caused the impending catastrophe, impending catastrophe is what we are staring at.

A lump of ice in the Antarctic could break off the ice sheet in the next five years. This is a regular occurrence, except that this one is the size of Florida and could raise the sea level by 10 feet. It will also expose a host of other fragile ice cliffs to warm water and the effect could multiply.

Many coastal cities will be under water, driving survivors inland to live in a world and on the land that they do not understand.

We also do not need voices from the future to tell us that ocean currents are behaving strangely and will get stranger.

The Gulf Stream that, handily, keeps Europe from becoming an icy hell, is slowing and if it stops or drops to the ocean floor, then Europe gets its own chilly little Ice Age.

Voices from the future could also tell us that volcanoes become more active in the next few decades. Again, this we know.

The volcanic explosion that cut Tonga off from the world was, according to early reports, 500 times larger than the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. It will, without doubt, change the weather for the next few months.

We can hardly be held responsible for volcanoes and it makes our recycling efforts seem a little like fiddling while Rome burns.

There are also some interesting fires that have been burning for decades, that we hardly ever hear about. There is one in Northern Turkmenistan, called the Gates of Hell, which has been burning for 50 years. There are several in the coal mining parts of the US that will take a few decades to burn out.

It is, perhaps, no wonder that the richest people on Earth are trying everything they know to get off the planet. There have been theories around for years that gangs of rich people are going to leave just ahead of a cataclysmic event.

Maybe boarding passes are being emailed as we speak.

It is sad that these rich guys couldn’t hang around to try and save the Earth – the ice sheet can be shored up, currents can be diverted, we can build an umbrella to shield us from the sun.

All it needs is money – we have the technology.

Perhaps that is why they are building the Metaverse.

When the end comes we will be tucked up in our cosy virtual world(s) masking our disgusting behaviour, our insecurities and our paranoia in such a way that it probably won’t matter very much when the time comes. We may not even notice.

We do not need voices from the future to tell us that every resource that is being pointed towards space should actually be pointed at saving the Earth.

The trouble is that no one is listening.

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