Now you can make VoLTE and ViLTE IDD calls between HK and Macau

Macau incumbent telco CTM, HKT’s mobile arm CSL and PCCW Global have jointly launched what they claim is the world’s first end-to-end VoLTE and ViLTE IDD services.

Powered by PCCW Global’s IP connectivity between Hong Kong and Macau, the new service enables customers of CSL, its 1010 business-branded service and CTM to make voice and video calls over LTE between Hong Kong and Macau –provided both parties on either end of the call are using the CSL/1010 and CTM networks, and provided they’re both using mobile devices that support VoLTE and ViLTE.

The service won’t be available to all CSL/1010 customers at launch – CSL says the services will be activated to “designated CSL and 1010 4G customers” from now until mid-May. The VoLTE and ViLTE IDD services will be offered at no additional charge.

CTM chief Vandy Poon said that CTM was the first telco in Macau to launch VoLTE and ViLTE services last year.

“Upcoming, we will continue to develop our local and roaming services to facilitate Macau’s trade and economic exchange with foreign countries and to promote the diversified development of the Macau economy as well as the enhancement of our customer experience,” he said in a statement.

Alex Arena, group MD of HKT, remarked that the VoLTE/ViLTE IDD service with CTM follows the launch of the Call Macau Home Pass in 2016 to break through the roaming boundaries between the two places. “We will work closely with other mobile service partners to extend the coverage of VoLTE and ViLTE IDD services globally.”

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