The Weekly Wrap, 11 November 2016: Trump, China cybersecurity, etc

Weekly Wrap 1

Weekly Wrap 1 features John Tanner and Tony Poulos discussing the news highlights from the week that was. Featuring the election of Donald Trump as US President and the effect this might have on the digital and telecoms worlds; changes to video streaming and data retention laws in China; plus a lot more.

Talk about disruptive. Against all odds, Donald Trump is now going to be president of the US. And the question on everyone’s lips (apart from perhaps “WTF?” and “How in the hell did he do that?”) is:

NOW what? The telecoms/IT space is no different, and the all-purpose answer is in fact another question: who really knows for sure?

It’s a fair question, not least because Trump’s campaign has been long on angry tweets and short on actual details of just what Trump would do in office besides Build That Wall® and Make America Great Again™. And technology hasn’t exactly been a centerpiece of his campaign, apart from Hillary Clinton’s private email server and Trump’s invitation to hackers to crack into it and find her deleted emails. (Note: he say he was kidding.)

So what a Trump administration means for telecoms/IT is a lot of guesswork at this stage.

More coverage on the Trump effect here.

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