The Weekly Wrap 10, Feb 17, 2017: GSMA’s IoT Big Data API Directory; RCS is back!

Weekly Wrap 10

Weekly Wrap 10 features John Tanner and Tony Poulos discussing the news highlights from the week that was.

For the week ending February 17:

A rash of 5G announcements this week but no final standard yet. What is going on? Is it a race to set the standard or some clever PR to get the competition wondering? Or is it just a race to make some big announcements before Mobile World Congress? And what is 5G TF?

The GSMA has come up with an IoT Big Data API Directory to harmonize data for third parties. Hmmmm, sounds like something digital service providers and OTT players  are already doing. What are the issues with it and will it succeed? Think WAC, Joyn and the GSMA mobile payments initiative that haven’t actually gone that well.

And speaking of Joyn, RCS is in the news, again. Telenor makes a deal with Google, go figure! And who will use these services? Watch the Weekly Wrap to find out…..

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