The Weekly Wrap 2, 19 November 2016: Uber wars, 5G and fake news

weekly wrap 2

Weekly Wrap 2 features John Tanner and Tony Poulos discussing the news highlights from the week that was.

For the week ending November 19:

It was the week that the row between Uber and the Taiwan government escalated after the government urged Apple and Google to ban the Uber app from their respective local app stores. Uber responded with an open letter to President Tsai Ing-wen asking for a public hearing to let the people decide Uber’s fate.

It was the week where Asia-Pacific bustled with 5G activity, despite concerns elsewhere that the hype over 5G may be unjustified. NTT DoCoMo launched a 5G trial with DeNA for remote monitoring of connected cars, tested MU-MIMO with Huawei, and connected a car traveling 100 km/h with 5G in a trial with Samsung. SK Telecom trialed 5G connected cars in Incheon with Ericsson and BMW. And Optus teamed with Huawei for a 5G trial in the 73-GHz band.

And it was the week that everyone dithered over the role of fake news and hoaxes on Facebook and other social media sites during the US presidential election (as if fake news and misinformation weren’t problems before then).

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