The Weekly Wrap 3, 26 November 2016: Digital Singapore, back taxes and cybersecurity

Weekly Wrap 3

Weekly Wrap 3 features John Tanner and Tony Poulos discussing the news highlights from the week that was.

For the week ending November 26:

It was the week where we learned that Singapore is the country most prepared to enable digital transformation, according to the first Asian Digital Transformation Index from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), commissioned by Telstra.

It was also the week where Google had reportedly reached an agreement with the Indonesian government to settle its tax bill in the next few weeks, with Google prepared to pay back taxes and fines, which could pave the way for more countries to aggressively pursue back taxes from internet companies like Google.

Also, there was more dithering during the week over cybersecurity laws and their potential for governmental abuse. Thailand is looking to amend its 2007 Computer Crime Act that would give state officials numerous powers without court approval. Also on deck is the Cyber Security Act, which would allow the state to wiretap phones and computers. Meanwhile, China officials took time at the third World Internet Conference held in Wuzhen to justify its newly passed cyber security bill by pointing out the timely dangers of terrorists and fake news.


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