The Weekly Wrap 9, Feb 10, 2017: Nokia buys Comptel! Race car videos!

Weekly Wrap 9

Weekly Wrap 9 features John Tanner and Tony Poulos discussing the news highlights from the week that was.

For the week ending February 10:

It was the week that Nokia announced plans to buy Comptel for 347 million euros ($370 million) as part of its strategy to move away from dependence on hardware and build a standalone software business – and possibly to eliminate a strong rival in the telecoms software arena.

It was also a week packed with demos connecting race cars with mobile broadband, from SK Telecom, Ericsson and BMW Korea showcasing 5G connectivity to Nokia, Access and Qualcomm using TD-LTE on unlicensed spectrum to pipe live video from race cars to a virtual reality studio, while Vodafone stole the show by having Mark Skaife drive around Calder Park Thunderdome in a car with the windscreen blocked and replaced with three Samsung tablets showing live video over VHA’s LTE network.

VHA also made news this week as the first (and so far only) customer of nbn’s CSAS (Cell Site Access Service) backhaul service for its new base station site in Molong.

John and Tony also talk about 5G readiness in Hong Kong, where HKT is badgering the regulator to release 5G spectrum. OFCA’s official reason for holding on to 5G spectrum: it’s not standardized.

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