Wireless X Labs establishes advisory committee to explore wireless apps

Wireless X Labs
Image credit: Huawei

Wireless X Labs – Huawei’s mobile application scenarios lab for wireless networks – established an advisory committee at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017, assembled from firms covering smart manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, drone technology, data intelligence, and AI.

Chris Locke, founder of Caribou Digital and former managing director of GSMA Mobile for Development was selected as the presiding Secretary General.

The committee intends to hold member assemblies three times a year for further discussions on strategic direction and project cooperation on exploring wireless app scenarios.

At the start of the year, Wireless X Labs targeted connected drones, cloud VR/AR, wireless robotics, and connected vehicles as four research priorities. It also looked into various potential 5G applications during the first half of 2017.

For example, Wireless X Labs worked with automakers in testing tele-operated driving and platooning. With the help of partners, it released a cloud-based VR prototype, conducted cellular network-based drone remote control flying and image transmission tests, and analyzed low-altitude coverage for drones. It also set up a smart manufacturing interest group with world-leading robotic manufacturers.

The new committee reviewed the research into these areas during the first committee round-table, examined the topics for 2018, and evaluated the technical and cooperative feasibility for potential projects.

William Xu, executive director of the board and chief strategy marketing officer at Huawei, said the committee is designed to gather unique strategic viewpoints and constructive comments from industry leaders and formulate a strategy to explore wireless applications and create innovative mobile solutions.

The committee aims to accelerate the construction of an open ecosystem, promote coordination among various players, and offer better mobility solutions for all industries.

Wireless X Labs is also showcasing, with its partners, a series of their latest achievements at the Shanghai Executive Briefing Center.

One of these is an AI helmet which can replace guide dogs in helping the visually impaired with their daily activities. Another is a wireless automated guided vehicle (AGV) which can transfer materials from warehouses to the specific workstations as required, while with low-latency 5G networks, wireless programmable logic controllers (PLC) were also displayed. These controllers can order robotic arms to swiftly switch between different tasks, maximizing the efficiency of flexible manufacturing. Finally connected drones which can perform facial recognition and provide a security patrol for a safer city were showcased.

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