WISeKey, IPL to create cybersecurity-IoT ecosystem for farmers in India

WISeKey, IPL to create cybersecurity-IoT ecosystem for farmers in India
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Switzerland’s WISeKey and Indian Potash Limited (IPL) announced plans to develop a cybersecurity ecosystem to enable farmers to tune in to the digital economy and the IoT.

The project aims to enable the evolution of IPL’s 140 million farmers with digital identification for people and objects, including the secure connection of over 200 distribution channels into a trusted cybersecurity platform enabling farmer empowerment by inclusive ecosystems.

Farmers and distributors will be enabled with the latest digital identity and IoT technologies, allowing them to be authenticated and providing preferential tailor made access to data through a trusted exchange between IPL, farmer’s communities, government entities and private enterprises.

This would be done by providing each farmer with a cryptographic smart card that, once connected to their mobile, will give them access to secure IPL services, adding digital certificates on their chips at the hardware level to encrypt the communication and authenticate the devices.

The IPL platform will also provide real-time traceability to all products produced and distributed by IPL such as fertilizer bags – every object will have a digital certificate of authenticity. This is based on the principle of the traditional paper-based certificate, but instead of using a forgeable piece of paper, a non-duplicable digital certificate is stored on a cryptographic chip or intelligent trusted code embedded into the fertilizer bag.

This allows manufacturers, distributors or resellers to directly engage with the farmer to prove the authenticity of the items to their customers, and of course, for the customers to securely engage with IPL and their ecosystem over the Internet.

The cooperation between WISeKey and IPL was announced at the India Economic Summit, part of the World Economic Forum.

WISeKey also aid it reached an agreement that would result in the localization of its cybersecurity platform in India to serve several markets such as IoT, cybersecurity and authentication of objects.

The incorporation and deployment of the WISeKey India Joint Venture includes the development of a full root of trust and public key infrastructure (“PKI”) for WISeKey India, including a globally trusted certification authority under the “Digital India Vision,” a campaign launched by the Government of India to make the country “e-ready” by initiating various e-governance implementations across the country, such as automation of income tax, passport, company law, e-procurement and bidding etc. Public Key Infrastructure forms the backbone for all these initiatives.

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