Yahoo’s new visual identity officially launched in Hong Kong

Yahoo Hong Kong has announced that Yahoo’s new logo and visual identity officially launched in Hong Kong to capture the brand’s exuberant personality and re-imagine it for the future, marking the first significant change to the brand since the previous logo was introduced for six years in 2013. The brand new logo keeps the iconic purple and features a fine-tuned coloring and a lowercase, sans-serif type, evoking a refreshing feeling and bliss. The alluring visual identity has painted a new brand strategy for Yahoo Hong Kong and marked a new signature milestone in its remarkable development.

The internet has grown to be so big and ubiquitous, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with information. With its new products, Yahoo will empower users to better sift out irrelevant parts of the digital world, giving them more control of what they see and when they see it. In collaboration with renowned design consultancy Pentagram in New York, Yahoo has refreshed its logo that flaunts simpler and captivating design as well as captures the essence of the brand. It has signified a global strategy that positions Yahoo Hong Kong as an “amplification brand”. This strategy of simplicity and amplification is expressed in the logo designed to be simpler and flexible. In the future, Yahoo Hong Kong will roll out a series of innovative products and service enhancements to curate pleasurable and customized experiences for users.

Following the launch, Yahoo Hong Kong is set to unveil a new version of its Yahoo Mail App that redefines the way people use their inboxes. Yahoo Mail’s new app offers the perfect solution by organizing the clutter for users, empowering them to control their inbox and focus on what matters most to them. Users can tailor their inbox with custom interfaces, themes and personalize push notifications to highlight which type of mail they want to be alerted of or disable the notifications on mass volumes of messages. More details about the availability and new features of Yahoo Mail will be unveiled soon and please stay close with Yahoo Hong Kong.

This is all just the start. There is much more to come in Yahoo Hong Kong’s quest to make things simpler, give users control and put the things they love at fingertips!

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