Why YTL is revved and ready to get cracking on 5G

YTL wing lee
Wing Lee, CEO of YTL Communications

Hot on the heels of last year’s VoLTE service launch, Malaysian cellco YTL Communications is on the move again and making big plans to start work on 5G in the coming months. In this interview, YTL CEO Wing Lee gives us a preview of his company’s 5G strategy.

Lee talks about the success of YTL’s VoLTE launch, the attraction of 5G as the next logical step, the business case for 5G as a way to expand the service portfolio, and why it’s important to get started now. One key reason, he says, is that YTL already has three of the four prerequisites in place to start trialing 5G: an all-IP network, high cell densification and network virtualization capabilities. The only missing element: sufficient spectrum.

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