Zozosuit 2 accurately measures your body for online clothes purchases

Zozosuit 2
Online fashion retailer Zozo's body-measuring suit "Zozosuit 2" is seen in this still image taken on October 29, 2020 from animation. ZOZO via REUTERS

TOKYO (Reuters) – Online fashion retailer Zozo Inc on Thursday unveiled a successor to its “Zozosuit” body-measuring suit, one of a string of failed projects ahead of the exit of founder Yusaku Maezawa, promising greater accuracy through design and software changes.

The original polka-dot Zozosuit, which when scanned with a smartphone allowed users to upload their measurements and order custom-made clothes, received massive interest but failed to drive sales amid complaints of poor sizing.

Zozo, which is controlled by SoftBank’s domestic internet business, says the new “Zozosuit 2” skintight suit has 50 times more markers, offering the higher resolution scans needed to recommend items like sportswear and underwear.

The fashion retailer said it is looking for partners and hopes to offer the suit within a year.

In offering its measurement technologies to third parties, ZOZO hopes to power revolutionary new services by combining its measurement intelligence with the technologies and unique expertise of brand partners from myriad industries.

ZOZOSUIT 2 is a highly accurate 3D body measurement suit that can generate precise 3D body models with a simple and intuitive scanning process, thanks to a new suit design and algorithm improvements.

Gathering precise body measurements typically requires expensive, specialized 3D laser scanners. When compared with a 3D laser scanner, ZOZOSUIT 2 has an average error of 3.7mm (*1).

Accurate and easy-to-use body measuring technology has become a holy grail for online fashion retailers trying to reduce returns. The industry been boosted by consumers shopping at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zozo already distributes the “Zozomat”, which can be used to measure feet for customised sizing recommendations.

(Reporting by Sam Nussey; Editing by Michael Perry)

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